800 E Plus Roof Membrane

BondCote 800 E Plus Roof Membrane

BondCote roof membrane installations

These roofs show the variety of building conditions and design considerations that BondCote roof membranes can accommodate.

The 800 E Plus membrane is, by any available standard, one of the strongest and best perfoming roof membranes available. Like the rest of the E Plus series, the 800 E Plus membrane is also manufactured from a nitrile butadiene polymer and a weft inserted polyester fabric reinforcement, but has a full 60% more wearing surface than our thinner products. The 800 E Plus has been chosen by owners and consultants alike to perform in conditions that many would prefer to avoid. The 800 E Plus membrane provides the building owner peace of mind, and the added thickness to provide the longest performance life and the best wear characteristics of any BondCote roof membranes.


ENERGY STAR qualified roof products reflect more of the sun’s rays. This can lower roof surface temperature by up to 100F, decreasing the amount of heat transferred into a building. ENERGY STAR qualified roof products can help reduce the amount of air conditioning needed in buildings, and can reduce peak cooling demand by 10-15 percent. BondCote’s 800 E Plus membrane is Energy Star qualified, you can see our properties listed on the Energy Star web site.

BondCote’s 800 E Plus membrane is a reinforced, vinyl based thermoplastic, single-ply roofing membrane which is designed to be mechanically attached through suitable insulation materials to various deck systems or fully adhered to suitable insulation in both new and retrofit applications. The membrane may also be installed loosely, with recommended perimeter and penetration attachment, then ballasted with round, washed, river bottom gravel or approved paver blocks in accordance with the latest edition of ANSI/SPRI RP-4. All seams are to be hot-air welded.

To see specific physical properties of the 800 E Plus membrane, click here.

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