Project Approval Form

Roofing – Project Approval Form

BondCote roof membrane installations

These roofs show the variety of building conditions and design considerations that BondCote roof membranes can accommodate.

Our website no longer allows web based completion and submittal of the Project Approval Form. We are working to correct that, please contact BondCote Technical Services if you need to submit a Project Approval. You can still print the Form, complete it and submit it by facsimile to 540-980-4469.

BondCote will acknowledge receipt of the Form by returning the Form either Approved, Approved with Comments or Rejected. Once you have received the “approved” version of the .pdf file, save it for submission upon completion of the Project.

If you do not receive the Approved PA within 24 hours, please contact BondCote. The Form is also downloadable. You may save it to your hard drive and use it directly from Adobe Reader if you choose. Just remember to clear the Form before and after use. Please contact BondCote if you have any problems.

Project Approval Form

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