BondCote Corporation

509 Burgis Avenue
P.O. Box 729
Pulaski, Virginia 24301 USA
Plant: +1 540-980-2640
Sales: 800-255-9338
International Sales: +1 540-980-4461


BondCote often has to enlighten me with Mil Spec changes, FED Standard 595 color changes, thus giving me the best chance possible to properly quote jobs, as well as purchase the right materials for these jobs.

Lynn LaPan
Breton Industries

BondCote has been and continues to be an excellent supplier and collaborator in meeting our requirements for their products.

Bud Weisbart
A&R Tech

BondCote has helped me navigate through detailed textile issues and ultimately made great product suggestions for me. They are eager to support new projects and are very responsive to customer needs. I'm just ready to begin with them again and really looking forward to it.

Brian Abrams
Adventure Tech,
Integral Designs USA,
782 Gear, X-Mission